Saturday, October 28, 2006

of MONKeys and MoPPing

So… it’s a lazy Saturday and a cold October morn (ahem ahem afti…). Been snoozing the alarm since 8 and woke up finally 10 when my lazy day was interrupted by another gal… dint feel like getting outta bed… but fart is interesting… and put a fart session till 12… went for grub… in the pouring rain to the mess… to eat the unpalatable and cold grub… came back and put another fart session… and finally put up water for heating… and prepared myself for a hot water bath. Can you believe it…?? Hot water. Bliss when I had a hot bath and washed my hair on a cold day. I came back to my room to see monkeys and Roomie outside the room. Apparently a monkey was in the room and it pulled down an empty gulab jamun tin and poured down the sugar syrup all over the floor. Yeah… my peaceful bath. We got down to mopping the floor, for the very first time. We only swept it a few times. And we scrubbed and scrubbed and spent an entire hour, but satisfactorily and the end of it all, the room was spick and span. Even though my perfect Saturday was ruined, it did pay off. One day we had to do it, and we did it today. And may be we would never have done it had it not been for the monkeys. So… Cheers to Monkeys…!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Life's like that

well... been really long... and i din have a min to spare.. to sit n write abt all the things that happen in my life... and all those crazy incidents i love to share.. and recently.. wen i was talkin abt some of the stories i wrote... i felt like i wanna write again... and for a second i thought may be i wont be able write that well.. so then i thought i'll start off with updating my blog...
but too much to update on... too much has happened... it will take a while... so i jus wanted to ebb out my feelings out... on how much i miss writing... lets see if it continues... :)