Thursday, April 12, 2007

There was Sharav, there was LIT-Soc... and then there was the "FETE"

It was 10 o’clock in the night and I was sitting outside the Sharav stall, unable to think or move. Sitting casually in jeans and an oversized tee shirt, covered in mud and plaster of Paris and aluminum races and wood dust and what not. I badly needed a bath and some fresh clothes. Tough day it had been. Its ‘days’ I guess. Been literally living in the hostel quadrangle and working for 2 days in and out.
It was the “FETE”. The hyped up event where every hostel pulls all their abilities together and pull off a game stall built from scratch and put it up in sangam. Of course all of it is for the lit-soc points. This being the last event also decides the lit soc winner.
Stamina and strength are two different words I guess. Strength I have. Stamina wears out soon. By the time the stall was being put up I had lost it all. My senior got me out of the stall, made me sit down, handed a digi cam and said click whatever I feel like. A freshie kinda saved my life when she got me a juice. But still it takes time to affect. Yeah, one look at my face and you knew it; I had taken all I could. She came up to me held my face in her hands and asked me what had happened and why was I looking so down. Soon enough the juice took effect and I was up on my feet again.
Finally our stall was in place and ready. After a look at my stall, “The Vertical Limit (the HOT version)”, I moved on to inspect the other stalls. Lots of psuede puts, and ambience and tech stuff and robots and jokers and humpty-dumpty and dexter and troy and save the earth. But finally I was proud of what Sharav has pulled off. We had created a game. That’s what we did, and we didn’t put gen psuede.
And then when it was all over, we pulled it all down, stripped the whole place up. All the hard work generally came down. And dumped them in a trolley and the trolley was off, back to Sharav. I stayed back, gave one last look at our stall, picked up the last of the things left and walked on. Walked on and away from sangam and I didn’t look back. Into the shadows walked a silhouette; a female holding a 12 feet long piece of aluminum. And into the shadows I walked.