Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vote for ME :)

I entered a contest called Blogger's Park by MICanvas, MICA

My entry is about a different outlook to "Break Even Point" and it's here

Please do drop by and vote for me.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Scripting Success

Forgot to mention.

The wattpad link that I had posted in Whatta an Idea! had won the script writing contest that I mentioned.

It's titled 'Natasha' and it is slisha crazy ! :)

And please do read the rose plant too up on wattpad.

Lucky Woes!

While I was listening to a company official talk about empowering oneself a thought occurred to me.

Most of us attribute losses to bad luck! Bad luck is almost always noticed and never hidden. Anything that possess as an obstacle which is out of your hands is termed as bad luck.

Good luck on the other hand is less credited. There are very few instances when things fit into place and to referred to it as good luck. Usually we take credit for what we do. Don't you think the failure of Murphy's law itself is good luck and is present in as copious amounts as bad luck ??

And the more important thought: latent goodluck!!
How many times had luck knocked on your door and you didn't hear it ? You can never answer. Because if you can, you would have heard it and you would have opened your doors.
I have heard people say that someone was successful becasue he was lucky. If one has the same opportunities one can succeed the same way.
Think about all the times you might have had opportunities but are just not good enough to see them, notice them, understand them and more importantly do something about them.

The whole idea of thinking that I might have a lost a million opportunities makes me feel so incompetent and small!

But then again, the world is so huge!
Talking about numbers, did you know about lucky numbers ?!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Had a nice trip to Bheemli beach today.
An about to rain weather through out the trip had kept the spirits high and the exhaustion low.
A beautiful day spent :)

No pics since the cam has been down for a while...

Whatta an Idea!

I have registered in Well just for the fun of it.
And also recently I have written my first script. Kept it short and crisp. Incidentally I wrote it for a scriptwriting contest in my institute.
And now its up on wattpad. Do have a look at it.


Watch and the co-founder Rahul Gupta on CNBC TV18 on the award winning show Young Turks
3rd October 11am and 3pm
4th October 12noon and 8pm