Saturday, March 12, 2011

Joka Days Ending

Time comes to close another label, but not before convocation on April 2nd.

A couple of things I needed to blog about

Farewell Party:
Pretty pretty it was with the dress code of women in evening wear and men in business casuals (which later became smart casuals and then finally no dress code, men!). A very eventful farewell party where for one last time I sang on stage as a member of JBS Baro C, music band. Cranberries Zombie. I like cranberries and the juice.

Jobbers Party:
This happens on the day everyone gets placed. So it is a crazy party. Everyone happy to have a job, happy to leave Joka, and just happy. We got a DJ to play.

Well, nothing about today, just that I have my bags packed. My boxes have been sent home already. I have a cab to take in a while and a plane to catch in a few hours. yes, it takes a few hours to get to the airport. But I will be back in about 20 days for convocation. And that's when my label closes.

Bye Bye Speech:
Bye Bye. And thanks for everything !