Thursday, October 27, 2011

Diwali in London

Slept late the previous night and woke up early on the day. I just knew i wanted to do something. Just didn't know what. After the day of work and spending forever on tubes and special service bus I reached a temple ground. Chat and crowds, Indian crowds. And then the spectacle. Fireworks. For half hour. In mythology they say gods pour down petals from the sky. Seemed like it was happening. Beautiful. A diwali i didn't expect.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two Months in London

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I haven't really blogged since I have been to London. I chose not to blog till I find a house for myself and then I did not have internet connectivity for a while. By the time I was fully connected it was too late to catch up. But you need to fill your back log once in a while.

I hear is a painful process anywhere in this world. More so if you want to live alone. The first three weeks were basically about hoping from one hostel to another, so house hunting and hostel hunting at the same time. Finally one fine Monday I saw this beautiful flat I wanted and on the Sunday I moved in. A beautiful place all for myself over looking a canal, close to office.

What followed was a period of training with work hours that make you wonder what to do at the end of the day's work. But given the many people in for training were actually based abroad there were things to do and people to hang out with all the time. One thing about London, you can never run out of things to do. But if you are lazy then there isn't much to be done.

A month passed by in training and then I moved on to my desk, where I start working for real. two weeks passed by and I am still in a settling in period. Everyone on training left today. And my best friend from my school days did too. The cold is approaching even though today is wonderfully sunny. I can only imagine how life would pan out soon enough.

Two months in London and I feel settled only a bit. Another month would bring me another experience. Yet another and yet another. With this I start my new blog label, London Logs.