Monday, May 28, 2012

A Vacation over a Weekend

They say time passes by slowly when you are bored. And 5 mins seen like an hour. But when you manage to keep so busy and do so many things in a day, even though time passes by quickly you feel it was long day wouldn't you?

My weekend started on Friday evening just like all weekends. I came home changed and took a friend around my neighbourhood just to show her around. Dinner was at friends house. We turned up there in time to help out with the cooking a whole load of us (left in time to not help out in the cleaning). We had proper home cooked andhra food, courtesy one of friend's mother. So full and tired we were we just went to sleep.

Woke up early on Saturday morning, my friend and I went our fire breakfast and hit the shopping centre of London and randomly shopped around. Spent a good amount of money. We met up more friends and had lunch. We picked up half price tickets for a musical. We went on to walk around London. Along the touristy areas showing my friend around all the popular places in London. Time finally for the musical. Chicago was absolutely entertaining without even a set. Amazing. After a thoroughly enjoyable night we were all tired abs hungry with a lot of walking. One last stop before we head home was Kaati Roll Company. Discussing how many movies out of those that decorate items walls have we seen. I had seen just one, Lagaan. But the english version of Mayajaal (matrix reloaded) counts a well. After an egg roll and a decently long cab ride (When does London not have traffic! I know, Boxing day) I hit the bed.

Sunday was amusing. We had planned to go to Brighton to enjoy the summer that was finally here. Met to leave London at 8. We reached the station only at 9.45 to see that this small new station had just one person serving the ticket counter and 3 machines. Perhaps they don't usually expect a huge crowd. Or perhaps the sun doesn't done that often. After waiting in the queue for about 20 mins we did get a good deal though, costing us just a little more than 5 quid. We reached Brighton by noon and found out that it was the last day of the Brighton festival. But that didn't change much for us. We just lazed around in the sun. There was a live band, really good. Done Jamaican tricks. Nice chairs. Very crowded beach. Pebble beach. No waves. Bright sun. Nice sun. Hot sun. Hotter sun. Unbearably hot sun. Long queue for the loo. And then it was time for us to go. On the way back all of us were so tired we fell asleep. And it was super fast, the train. We dropped everyone on their own directions and headed home. Some of our friends live closer so I took a detour and a stop over. We watched the last couple of overs of IPL finals and more importantly all the drama of victory while we enjoyed a cup of tea and maggie noodles for dinner. And more friends left on their own direction and I came home.

I came home with the idea a friend had planted. That it feels like a long long weekend or a vacation. The dinner on Friday seems like distant memory. And so many things happened after. And we just came hack after a travel. And everyone had gone their own way. And I was going home along bsback to my own bed. It did feel like a vacation just ended.