Monday, December 24, 2012

Hunger Games Trilogy

I wasn't planning on reading the trilogy since I wasn't happy with the first book. I would rather wait for the Jennifer Lawrence movies.
However, London celebrates pre-Black Friday and Black Friday even though it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, all thanks to consumerism! So Amazon had these deals spread around, emailing us, friends passing links to each other and I came across the trilogy set. And there was my early Christmas gift...

The story is rather bland. It still continues to be a show with few acts of heroism from anyone at all. Those from Gale are rather dumb than heroic. Their Mocking Jay would just turn up and shoot a few scenes. Sometimes during the shooting she would get into a bit of trouble and then would survive anyway.
The twist with Peeta was a little too much drama may be. The twist with Snow was rather expected but good. It added to the story and gave it some weight that was missing.
The climax was rather at odds with the rest of the trilogy. The Trilogy itself I thought lacked any depth or emotion and little character building. But the climax is the complete opposite. It's beautiful. The way she pulls back from everything and finds comfort in little things that she now understood mean a lot more. The time she realizes the need to find something stable and unchanging in her life.
But one thing that is a little weird is that her emotional trauma stays on while Peeta's brain though all crazy becomes totally normal.

Nevertheless, the idea is good. The plot good. The delivery bad. The movies will be great. And the climax, beautiful.

May be if the movies trilogy becomes a super hit or something, our crazy reality shows might stop ?

Oh and by the way, it still has nothing to do with archery. Really!