Sunday, February 03, 2013

Movie time

I've watched a lot of movies lately and haven't gotten around to writing about them...

Django Unchained

It was dark and satirical on an extremely strong topic. Every person shot down has a fountain of pulpy blood burst. Every scene has it's glamour and glitz. And a crazy mix of music! A single word to describe it would be Tarantino and everybody knows what to expect yet everybody comes to the theatre to watch it. Though a couple of scenes were a little disturbing the rest of it is pure entertainment. However, I have new found respect for Morgan Freeman.

Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola

Everyone said it already. Pankaj Kapoor was brilliant. Everything else and everyone else was completely utterly random. If the movie makers spent a bit more time on getting a story around they would have had a bit more of a movie. The saddest were Imran Khan with his "posh" language and Anushka who can't seem to get rid of her spoilt girl roles.

Life of Pi

A directorial pleasure. The film was so beautifully made it's unbelievable. I thought the tiger was real through out and was shocked. I found it wasn't real through out and was shocked even more. Pi was incredible in his role and so was the tiger. For all those who think the story is open-ended, you didn't understand the story. Read the book, you might be able to follow it better. If you still don't understand it, watch the film. Keep doing this cycle until you get it. I hope you get it, eventually.

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Kurana

A heart-warming and lovely movie. One of my friends described it as "comfort food". I agree. Every emotion is so subtle that it makes it real. The humour, the romance, the family relationships, all of it. It feels like a smile.


Too much and too many characters in one movie. Deaf and dumb doesn't make you stupid or obnoxious or retarded. It was a bit too long and bit too boring I would think. Ileana did a great job though. Finally a role that adds to her talent.


It was good, really good. But too heavy if you just wanted to watch a movie for fun. Ben Affleck though was unbelievable, at direction.

English Vinglish

Again a lovely film. I want my mother to watch it. Sridevi is as brilliant as ever and I hear she is the most successful comeback big shot actress! Need more from her. Her husband was great. I hear he is the same guy who played tabu's husband in Life of Pi.


The less said the better. A beautifully choreographed movie with a pathetic ending that it got me depressed.