Sunday, June 25, 2006

ThiS oNE SHouLd hAve bEEn FiRSt

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Vacation – one of the smaller joys of life

Yup! Vacation time it is! When I read the article on vacation in the last edition of education plus I realized that I have never in my life looked forward to vacation so much as I did this summer. No, not even as an elementary school kid, when we had power cuts and we used to assemble in those sultry evenings to play ‘hide and seek’ or ‘chain cut’ or some other game created in the spur of moment.
Well. I don’t do that kid stuff anymore. But still vacation meant a lot to me this summer. It meant that I could watch TV, take time to leisurely go through the news paper, meet up with old friends and share what happened in the last few months, find out what’s new and happening in the world outside IIT, check out the changes in Vizag and the new fast food places that sprung up… But this is all just the topping on the salad.
The salad itself is that I could eat home made food, sleep for nearly 7 to 8 hours a day and need not wash my clothes for the next three months. I am home again. It was an amazing feeling to be back in my niche. And have practically nothing to do. I just could not remember when was the last time I was doing “nothing”.
Life teaches you to appreciate the smaller things in a harder way. In a competitive world one has to cope up with a fast paced life. A life of academics, extra curricular activities, and even household chores of cleaning your room, washing your clothes, living on sometimes 3-rarely 6-often 5 hours of sleep, skipping breakfast, rushing through lunch between classes, meeting deadlines and running around everywhere. The feeling of achievement when you submit an assignment or complete a design is amazing, but it a takes a toll on you. This is when we learn to appreciate the “doing nothing” thing and the period called vacation in its truest sense.
Yup! No more worries for three months. Just relax and take your time to have fun and appreciate the world around you before once again you are engulfed by the tides of time and work. Till then, keep rocking!!! ***

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