Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yet ANoTHer

well... this is my second article to be printed and i thought i'll put it up.....first....
published in the vishakhapatnam edition on 12th june 2006 in The Collegian, The Educationplus, The Hindu

The results are out!

Well… if writing an exam is one thing then waiting for the results is yet another thing. Recently, when I heard about the IIT-JEE results it made me travel back in time to about a year ago. It was a moment of celebration for my family and me. But most certainly it was festive time in my coaching center. Sweets were distributed; students were given the day off; people were moving everywhere congratulating and cheering; crackers were burst; and people were rejoicing. One step was crossed. There was much more to do.

Now began the more difficult task of selecting the branch and place, depending on my rank. Well, it was more confusing than it seemed because this decision better be good as I am about to spend a good four to five years of my life in that IIT.
There was an endless list of the various streams of engineering degrees offered and their previous year’s trend in a booklet provided by IIT. We poured into that booklet and formed a long list (which was actually ‘short listed’ from the original list) of what I might possibly want to take and get.
To select the place was an easier task considering the choice was just one out of seven. But still, we talked to a few students from the various IITs about the food and the hostel. My list further shortened.
We even emailed a few professors from these institutes. Surprisingly, almost all of them took time to reply to the mail, personally explaining about the kind of food and stay I would be provided with and how comfortable I would be considering that I hail from Vizag.
With what seemed like a well-thought final list we went for the counseling, where yet again I was amazed at the hospitality shown by IIT. They arranged for a small but dedicated group of professors to help us with our choice list explaining doubts and clearing myths. By the time we submitted our list most of us were certain of what we might land up with, so the wait for these results didn’t seem long.
Then there was an elaborate procedure of admission, which was quite reasonably dealt with. There were a couple of banks having branches within the campus and were more than willing to provide us with 0 balance accounts and study loans. I am compelled to praise IITs once again for their hospitality to conduct an orientation programme for all the new comers. This is when I really found out how huge my campus is. I spent about half a day walking all over the place to see those huge machines and devices I didn’t really understand.
With me all settled in my hostel room and all set to attend my first day of lectures, my parents left. Finally, I was in IIT, all on my own, as what they called a ‘freshie’. But the finality in the statement is far less from true. It was not an ending. In fact, it was a beginning - a beginning of a new phase in one’s life where one learns more than just in the classroom; where one broadens one’s perspective and enhances one’s attitude and outlook towards life. So all the best to all you people out there who are about to step into portals of an IIT.


  1. ishaan8:30 am

    wll that reminds me of ma first de of coll n also wat happend in ma coachin thg.....its a feelin of an achiever after achievein his dream n only she can write it better than any1..cos she really inks 4m heart...gr8 goin twilght fairy..

  2. Vineesh6:20 pm

    Hey nice recount. Was waiting to read it since u told me abt it. Twas worth being published. Keep it up :)

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