Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blast from the past

I am sure you remember your best friend in class 2, or the bully you hated in your class 5. I sit and wonder what they are up to now. Even as we fumble and stumble through friendships in college we still hold on to those fond memories of childhood. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would meet any of them. But then fate does amazing things.
It sure is a small world after all. And Orkut endorsed the statement in my life. For those who never heard of it, it is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends, committed to providing an online meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests. There are many others too like hi5, Zorpia, etc. but my experiences revolve around Orkut.
When I was just checking out profiles, I stumbled onto a name that rang a bell in my head. Could it be? No. Lemme see. I scraped the guy. Is he the same guy who studied his class 6 with me? Am I the same girl who competed with him for the first rank and he came second by a quarter of a mark? I found a lost friend. Cool. So what is he doing now? Engineering in IIT Madras. Wait a minute! That’s what I am doing too! Yes, I found a long lost friend from class 6, after 7 years, over the Internet, just to find out that he is in the same institute as I am, living in the same campus. Amazing, isn’t it?
Another incident. One other time, I got a scrap from a guy whose name I recognized as a friend in class 8. After almost 6 yrs of no contact he springs up doing his engineering in IIT Delhi. And during my recent trip to north India, I took some time off to meet up with my old pal.
Sometimes, when I sit with my new friends in college and chat about old friends at school, we end up realizing there are entangled links and crossroads and chains of friendship across time. The links are sometimes confusing, sometimes plain, but always surprising.
I never cease to wonder about the miracles this world is made up of. One of those many miracles is friendship. I can never forget the way I screamed in joy when I found my old friends, or the way I felt like a school kid that I once was. The child that I am, I remembered again. I remembered not just my old friends, but my old self too.
Distance is not the only thing that separates old friends. Time too plays culprit. As time flies by we forget that little kid we played ‘hide n seek’ with who lives in the next street. But sometimes fate lands us together and rekindles the friendship. Most times, it doesn’t. So even if you don find a lost friend on Orkut, you can at least call up an old chum from school days just to say ‘hi’.
May be instead of chilling out at fast-food hang-outs, and exchanging wrist bands that say ‘best friends’, you could call up and give a blast from the past to someone you really cared years before. Hmmm… not a bad idea. What do you say?


  1. Vineesh3:26 pm

    Nice advert 4 Orkut. ;) But I guess u r absolutely rite abt finding ol' friends. I found some too. ;)

  2. A 'sparking' idea!