Monday, December 04, 2006

My sudden journey alone to Bangalore... how exciting!!!

It was 6 o’clock in the evening when I decided to go to Bangalore the next day instead of staying back for a project this winter. I called up my mother and told her of my decision; then called up my father and my sister. My sister checked out, tracked down trains, timings and availability, and finally over the internet, booked a 2nd class ac ticket for the next day. She then, emailed me the ticket, I loaded it on my pen drive, went to the Sarayu Xerox centre and got a print out. Voila! Here is a ticket in my hands less than ten minutes after I decided I needed one.

So there I was going to Bangalore all alone. I packed up in the night and crashed. I woke up next morning only to see my roomie walk out of the room with her luggage. Went down to give her a send off and then had a bath and got ready. Then I sent off another of my friend, went to the library to return a book, had a juice and got my luggage down. With another friend along my side I went to the bus stop inside campus. I got on the bus and waved a bye to her. Here starts my journey alone.

As soon as I got down the bus at the main gate I took an auto to Chennai central and reached there in about 40 mins. The time was 12 noon and my train’s at 1.15. The train hasn’t even arrived yet. So I went to hot breads and got myself a pizza. Then I walked over to a book store browsed through many and finally bought a coupla magazines. Now the time was 12.25 and the train arrived. Then I found my coach and my seat. Sat down comfortably and wondered what to do. Then I remembered there were just three people who knew I was leaving Chennai and only one of them is still in IIT. So I started messaging all my friends “me on train now... jus saying bye... tata..”. The response from most was surprise. Some of them even called up to ask how the hell and when I decided.

Soon the train moved on. I got into little conversation with my co passenger, read the two magazines I bought, listened to Evanescence, Marilyn Manson and Dhoom 2 on my Ipod; and finally I it was 19.55 when I reached Bangalore. My sis and mom were right outside the coach waiting for me and we all went to her flat in an auto.

That’s it. that was it. What else were you expecting? A UFO to stop the train an abduct me? And superman to fly by and rescue me?

Well...well this was my journey to Bangalore. How exciting!!! :P

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