Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A gen Wednesday in my life....

About 70 students, peacefully placed and blissfully absorbed in their own worlds; few crashing; few intently paying attention; many stunned and gazing at the prof wondering if he realizes we don’t get a word he says and wishing they were somewhere else; few, like myself, managing to do 2 or 3 functions simultaneously and still pretending to be keenly listening to the lecture; all this with a continuous back ground music of the prof’s weirdly pronounced incomprehensible gibberish. Yes! This is the D slot class on a Wednesday, with the just-after-grub syndrome coupled with the funny droopy accent of the prof making it a perfect recipe for your mind to wander to thoughts of better days or things in life or simply of nothing and crash.
So here I am, making better use of the time allotted. Actually the idea occurred to me when something vaguely interested happened in class today. I say vaguely coz even a short smile is good enough to be interesting where yawn is the language of the sensible too. Yeah, so jus before the class began, the guy in the bench behind mine, Srideep, seemed to have enjoyed a joke a bit too much and created some sort of vibrations that took me and my Roomie ( who was sitting next to me) off guard. So during the class Srideep messaged me asking if he did something stupid and that he was sorry and asked me to say sorry to my Roomie on his behalf. All this messaging on cell across a table, thanks to the free sms schemes. Well, so I now I have to tell my Roomie a sorry. I turned to her and back to the prof. The prof was under the impression that I was attentive so I couldn’t possibly turn to her and say it. I didn’t have much choice; I messaged her! I messaged the girl sitting right next to me! And she replied too. And I conveyed her information to Srideep.
Yes! We three had successfully communicated with each other, sitting in the closest possible fashion in the class but still not by lips and sound. Just the power of sms and of course of our practice of it, that we need not even look at the keypad and type our message clear without error and send it too, all of it looking straight at the prof. When I made mention of this fact to Srideep, he mentioned that I need not even send him the message. He was behind me angled so as to see what I was typing and he could read it too. I tested by typing and not sending. And I got the reply from him!
Well, that’s when I got the idea of blogging about it and started writing in my notebook, and at the same time pretending to be listening and taking down notes. Guess what, my Roomie actually thought that I was taking notes and was surprised at the end of the class when she looked into my book. Aand that’s the end of my so called fully packed Wednesday. We were supposed to have had classes from 8 to 4. As it turned out, the first three hours went above our head all of them talking of linearity ( wonder if they ever realize that its complete gabble for us and is nothing that we can remotely relate to); the fourth hour was packed as the prof din turn up; fifth hour is when I wrote this; sixth hour ended in the middle due to a power out and the prof conveniently deciding it was not possible to go ahead with the class; seventh hour prof din turn up either and we were off bindaas for the rest of the day with me doing all jobless jobs, and trying to finish and publish this post since then.
Cheers to my Wednesday!!!

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