Tuesday, May 15, 2007

11 days ago

11 days ago
4th of May (Old Blogger physically dismantled - according to blogger)
It was the last day of my end sems. I finished my g slot exam decently well and rolled into my mess. I had to eat fast so i can take a small nap before I go to the lib for my QMS meeting. 1 o'clock I was in lib waiting for everyone else to turn up. The meeting went on and everything was fine. It was about 3 when Supreeta wanted to get all the files lying in her room and give it away to us. I accompanied her. Whom were we kidding? Those files were so heavy so we managed to get them till lib, dropped them outside.
I called up one of my co coords and ask them all to come down and we could distribute the files among us. I called them from my cell; my cellphone. Anyway Sup had to run to ganga and off she went, and Dasa wanted to go inside lib so went to the entrace area. I had to run up and get my purse and some other files that were left. We sat down near the entrance and sorted out all the files.
Then suddenly I realised I dint have my cell with me. We called my no. I went upstairs to search. We checked outside, the lift the entrance area, the files, the covers, my bag, everywhere. But we found it nowhere. I t was 4 o'clock. I had lost my cell. I had a journey the next day. Nokia - connecting people. Sure. I lost all contact. I didn't know what to do. I just sat down for a moment in a chair. Then i got up and got on with the work. We sorted out everything and the left out ones i took them back to my room.
I thought i'll come down and call up my dad from the STD but then i was too tired and upset. I just flopped down on my bed only to wake up at 6 30 when people searching for me. had a dinner treat. I had to get on. Yeah move on with out my cell, my best friend. Someone who promised to stand by me all along. I was supposed take care of her. And I lost her. I just lost her.

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