Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Add on to these Ads

It was late in the night and I was watching TV. But apparently there was nothing good on it and the only notable things was the advertisements. I was watching this Ray-ban ad and it made no sense. Then I came up with this idea to see what I thought about each of the ads I saw next. Here’s a compilation:

Ray-ban – doesn’t make sense
Vim – concept is too lame; the ad depended on stardom
Nivea Men – straight to the point; good ad
Dove hair care – I dunno if he’d ever realize ¼ “moisturizing milk” is actually oily
Pantene conditioner – duh... ½ ? like 1/4th wasn’t enough
Johny Players – again based on stardom alone
Sony Ericsson – thump thump thump ;)
Nokia N95 – studd... but seriously if I am looking for a comp, wud I go for Nokia ?
HCL – good concept but poor portrayal
Microsoft – studd ad man!!
Ira – trying too hard to impress I’d say
Nakshatra – classic camera, but again... sli too much
Cornetto – cute !
Bingo – putting psuede
Big Bubble – though it makes no sense, it’s the cutest ad!!
Thumbs Up – Tsk!
Royal Stag – Tsk Tsk !!

And then I packed and tried to crash...
(if i messed up with spellings, I am sorry)

But I’d like to make mention of some of my fav ads of all times...
*I do not remember clearly but a few years ago there was some financial ad on the lines of “Meet Mr.Chintamani” which ends with the statement
“Now life is looking very sunny,
Coz there’s no chinta, only money”
(if anyone remembers the full ad, plz lemme know)
*Hutch – all those with the dog. It’s cute, to the point and just amazing. One word Studd-ax !!
*Nokia – a long time ago there was one about MMS with Stone Age people. It was cute. :)
*Pepsi – where kids play under a tree with Sachin masks and Sachin is found among them. It was kinda touching and nice to watch.
*Kinley – the one where it rains on a kid with cattle and then there’s holi and stuff. It was a classic camera.
*Dairy Milk – almost all are cool. But I love the Ms. Palampur one. It’s sweet. And I’d never forget the old ad where a piece of the chocolate falls on the road, and the guy dressed in suit n all picks it up, looks around to make sure no one’s watching, blows it and eats. :P

Yupp.. plz do tell me the ads you like.... add on...


  1. hey really nice ads !!

    But How can u forget abt A.R.Rehman's Airtel Ads ??? Express Urself Ad ?? Happydent Ad ?? Daddu ki amanat ??? Ali Baba Chalis Chor (Airtel)... and the list goes on !!!

    but i think u did not watch these ads till now... have a look @

    these are STUDDDD MAXXXXX Ads...

    Cheers !!!

  2. I wish I could make some classic ads myself.

    My recent fav was that cement ad (I don't remember the name) in which a guy and his wife carrying a cement bag on cycle collide with a truck and the truck collapses.

  3. @amrit -- i think its Ambuja cement !!

  4. @ nimit
    yeah express urself... n the happy dent ad are good...

    @ amrit
    i also like the one where the kids make a step for an old man to climb up...

    @ everyone
    that BIG BUBBLE ad was a mistake...
    i meant big Babuul..
    that chidiyarani who adopts a tortoise.. its really cute... :)

    and somebody plz find out abt the chintamani ad na...