Saturday, May 26, 2007

Books Books Books

- it was the BQC title song I guess

I used to read a lot of books
Started with ( in order )
Nancy Drew : case files
Nancy Drew : mystery stories
Famous Five
The Three Investigators
Hardy Boys
Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super mystery
Sweet Valley University Series
Sydney Sheldon
Jeffrey Archer
Harry Potter Series

And then it ended. I started reading some arbit books. You know, the so called best sellers

Some of them were good; like
Atlas Shrugged (’s for women passionate abt success )
The Alchemist ( everyone who believes in magic should read this one )
Wheels ( I call it the mech engg fairytale )
(wow I cant think of anymore)

Some of them were boring; like
Five Point Someone
One Night @ Call centre
Fountain Head
( these are the books I started reading... but couldn’t finish )

May be I couldn’t finish them coz I grew out of them. I mean, I liked some books, and when the same author writes another in the same style, I didn’t like. May be if I read my fav books again they may not impress me now.

anyway... i wanted to blog this... so that ppl temme what i shud read or why i could possibly not a like abook or something...


  1. ok so since you've asked for advice here it goes (that'll make you more careful next time :P)

    anyway, most of the books you've read are kinda juicy novels not liked for their literary content..
    try something like somerset maugham or even start with douglas adams, james joyce
    you could also try some indian ones...but i'd be careful with them if i were you.

  2. I read Airport too and finished :) I agree it was slai boring in th begn but if u pass that stage, it gets better and the thrill is towards the end.
    But then again, airplane-related thrillers hav always fascinated me. :)

  3. Try P.G wodehouse for a change.....
    But given your taste I doubt if you would like it

  4. u really dint like fps???
    if u are kinda technical, u might read iWoz, its an autobio of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc.,

  5. Try Catch22 or Crime and Punishment!!

  6. @navneet
    thanks for the advice man.. always invited :)
    n yeah you're right.. i shud prolly chuck stories n think of the literary content.. like i said may be i jus grew outta them..

    they used to fascinate me too.. try wheels.. its fascinating how a car is made from design to assembly..

    have tried.. given up.. you know my taste :)

    its a good day to reply to you.. i jus managed to finish 5.someone today... well.. it certainly is full of crap... :)
    i'll try iWoz sometime..

    i'll try them out :)