Monday, May 21, 2007

Cybercafe with Nimit

( Inspired by the
post on Nimit’s blog ( which was in turn inspired by the popular talk show Koffee with Karan, I wanted to have one too... But we chucked Karan... here’s Nimit and I across gtalk )

Host NIMIT takes on our guest for tonight, PRANAVA in the all-new, CYBERCAFE WITH NIMIT

Here we go with lots of fire. The Rapid Fire:

name ?: Pranava
DOB ? : dob ?? dont ask a gal that
nick name ? : no nick
birth place ?? : vizag
eyes ? : brownish i guess
hair color?: both
zodiac sign? : Cancer; see i m dangerous
philosophy of life ? :philosophy ?? hmm keep smiling :)
thts cool....have u ever been in love ? : a hundred times :)
wid whom ? 5 persons... :) : a hundred guys :)
name 5.. which come to ur mind : aaahhh i'll pass that
A song(s) that describes yourself or that you can relate to:
everyone of them that i wrote....further details chk my blog
Optimistic or pessimistic ??: optimestic
thts good.... fav song ???: hmmm no fav's...but arere arere from dil tho pagal hain is a happy tune
hmmm.. cool...even i like tht
fav game ?? :
cricket for india n footer in gen
fav drink ? : coke
fav color ? : pink
passion ? : music
wht do u like 24?*7 work or rest ?? : work
do u believe in love at 1st sight ? : naaah
believe in GOd? : yup
Aliens ? : aliens are all around
thts good...does tht include me too ?? : oh yeah
Ghosts ? : nope
Horoscopes ? : horoscope shud suit me
Hell ? : hell is where I am (iitm)
nice one... and finally do u believe in frnds and urself ?? :myself
best frnd ?? : i don have a best frn... i trust a few ppl... i belive in myself
can u name thm ??
if u dont have any problem...
strange tht u dont have best frnd !!!: i don have a prob... they mite... coz frns come n drift away
hmm... STUDD RA MACHA !!!.U r Acting/answering very smart...
do u believe in CUT COPY PASTE theory ? :
cut copy paste n modify.. add ur touch.. ur flava
ohk... thts good..wht abt cheating in the exams ?? : I dont
fav movie ?? : saagarasangamam (gult)
fav tv show ??: F.R.I.E.N.D.S
fav actor ?: hmmm tuf one...srk...keenu reves...
ans tht if u want the hamper :P : SRK I guess
fav music director ? : rehman
director ? : mani ratnam
ladies and gentleman we will continue this chat session wid the optimistic prodigy, the enigmatic soul Bole to Pranava after a short break... (i.e. tomorrow)... .Stay Tuned

well... jus stay tuned... :P


  1. Staying tuned! This show rocks! :)

  2. I second Vatsa.. LOL

  3. Anonymous1:28 pm

    am trying to guess who of the two is more jobless..!! :P

  4. @amrit
    yup... stayed tuned.. but it might take a lil longer tho...
    whr's nimit ??

    thanx :)

    duh... i m jobless... :)
    why do u ask nimit... he is supposed to be interning in ibm...

  5. hey ppl out thr !!
    thts not the full show !!!
    its just the EDITED VERSION of the talk... believe me this gurl is really SMART (she edited it for her GOODY GOODY Image !!!)...

    well just kidding.. it was really nice to talk to her and this show rocked !! Stay Tuned to see more chat and ya if u also wanna join me for the chat session thn plz do ping me !!!

    Keep rockin ...
    Cheers !!!

  6. @ nimit
    yupp... its edited..
    c'mon... even KWK is allowed cuts...
    (which resurface on a stupid day called season finale)

    and hey... whr r ya..?? whr's part 2 ??

  7. m here only (as someone already mentioned WE ARE JOBLESS !!!)... buzz me whnever u come online...

    Cheers !!!