Saturday, May 12, 2007

I came I saw I gaped

So... we, my family, thought we’ll watch a movie!! In a movie theatre!!!
For those of you who don’t know me continue reading, for the rest just jump to the next paragraph (which apparently ended up as the next post!). If you’re still reading, you don’t know me or you just want to read and find out what kinda blah I put to people who don’t know me. Let me assume that you belong to the former category, so I can speak any arbit nonsense and convince you that it’s true. Here goes: I love books. I am a bookworm. I am found with my books all the time, especially my course books. I study like mad. I am always in the library, studying. I use my computer only to Google out information about my courses or check my mail that comes from the elite clubs of astrophysics and fluid dynamics. As a result, like it happens with every other nerd in this world, I do not watch movies. I neither like them nor dislike them. I just do not have the time or patience to ponder over a movie story. I would rather spend my time in the chemistry lab waiting for glass to behave like a fluid and prove that it is indeed a fluid. I have tried watching butterfly effect but I did not go beyond the point where butterfly effect was stated. I had immediately jumped to the task of looking into the depth and reality about the chaos theory. I had tried hollow man where I again went into discussions with my prof about the feasibility of invisibility and read and reread HG Well’s Invisible Man. So movies are not for me. I study my course books. I read sci-fi novels for entertainment. Oh god! I am wasting time. I should get back to my 8th revision of the quiz 2 portion of one of my 6th semester courses, that I shall be doing next march. I should work harder and better. After all the fight I am putting, I am still a 7 pointer. Why god, why! Why have you dropped me into this hell where people who don’t attend classes put 9 and I struggle to manage a 7, always striving for an 8? I really gtg... tata... Now assuming that you were initially from the latter category of people, I got a few words for you. Now you know, when we were on that getting-to-know-me stage, all the time I talked and talked and talked, all the stuff I told you about me, myself and my life, well, it was actually utter nonsense. :) tata

PS: I got carried away, talking nonsense. Ultimately the concept changed, but I still din feel like changing the title. I guess it should’ve been “I came, I talked, and I talked (and I never stopped)”. Hey, looks like a potentially title for my autobiography :)
Err... for the real “I came, I saw I gaped”, wait up... next post coming soon...

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