Sunday, May 13, 2007

I came I saw I saw more

Yeah... where were we before I was so rudely interrupted by my own joblessness?
So we went to watch a movie in a movie house. Now that was a big deal coz we usually don’t. So it’s the family to watch a gult movie (obba).
There was this almost a village locality around the next turn on the street. And there was also this theatre which played a good many gult movies. And there was this movie, a typical gult love story being played. So seemed like a good one. Thought we’ll go for the night show

Movie: “Aata”
Lead Roles: Siddharth and Ileana (hope I spelt that right)
7:30pm – dad and I decide to pick up tickets for the four of us.
7:42pm – dad and I at the ticket counter. The ticket counter is not open yet and the show timings turned out to be 8:00
7:50pm – dad and I return home to pick up sis and leave instructions to join sis and myself at the entrance.
7:56pm – sis and I leave for tickets
7:58pm – sis and I waiting outside the entrance with four tickets. The tickets don’t have seat numbers. We call up home and tell them if they don hurry up we won’t get good seats.
8:02pm – everyone around us has moved in. sis and I still waiting for parents. We call again.
8:06pm – they turn up and we all walk in

Finally, we are in. IN!!! And what do we have in here? PVC chairs. Yes you heard me right. PVC chairs like those that are outside the placement office where guys and gals all dressed in formals in the hot Chennai weather sit fidgeting with their resume. Ah! I am diverting again. So we found four continuous chairs and settled down. Of course the show didn’t wait for us. We missed the beginning not that we really cared. And the movie went on and on, nice story and blah. And the interval!
Lights came on. And the first thing I saw was the other class. When we bought tickets, there was selling them for two classes, chair and floor. Well, the chair was a PVC chair and the floor was indeed the floor. It was the floor that was there and it was the floor. Now, my sis and I had heard of the stories my dad told us about his childhood days. He told us about how they had to walk to the next village to watch a movie and how there were different classes like floor, bench, chair, etc. My mom had heard of the existence of the floor class but had never seen it. It was also during this interval that I realized the hall we were sitting in, is not air conditioned. It had fans on the side walls, those that function in normal theatres when the a/c has problems.
Here I was, witnessing the non-air-conditioned movie hall with a “floor class” for the first time in my life, surprising in the tech hub of the country, Bangalore.

10:30pm – we were outta the hall, going back home where mom still gotta cook us our dinner.

We successfully watched a gult movie together. A good movie I must say. Sweet and nice. Typically gult. And yupp, we also got to see a lot more than what we bargained for.

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  1. An experience like that in Bangalore !!!
    Well I might have to a bit of rethinking now.......
    Though I once had such an 'un'pleasant experience at my homeplace.... Bangalore indeed is surprising