Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One Rainy Night

It was pouring heavily.
It was night.
It was dark outside.
I was in my living room alone, watching TV.
There was thunder and lightning outside.
I was safe in the warmth of the house.
And then suddenly, there was a huge bolt of lightning, a huge thunder in the sky.
There was a flash on the tv screen.
And the house went dark.

And that's house my TV stopped working.

The tripper had tripped, so we got power back pretty soon... except the TV dint work...until the Onida guy came over 3 days later....


  1. Neighbor's envy. Owner's pride. :P

  2. Well i know the feelin...the cable guy cut my cable just because he couldnt meet me anytime to collect the bills...so he found the easy way out n cut my cable hopin that i'll call back!!!

  3. @amrit

    duh...! kick him from my side too :)