Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Daddy's Day

Today a friend narrated an incident...

One fine day his dad called up...Hi... What day is it ?
It was a sunday.. so my friend replied : Sunday...
Dad laughs and says
of course it's sunday...but darling.. what day is it..?
Now this guy bulbs... it wasnt dad's bde.. nor mom's.. nor their marriage day... he could really think of anything else...
the reply : dude.. it's Father's Day...
This guys sheepishly says : eh.. happy Father's Day dad..!!

It was so funny at first, but then he started talking. You know there are so many "days"; father's day, uncle's day, women's day. There were so many of them that we don't usually think much about them. But then i guess it made a difference to people. People do remember to say a kind word of thank you and recognise one's role in our life. So my friend actually felt bad he forgot Father's Day. He thought a lot about it.
These "days"... I realizied, this whole idea was not all that bad.
That day when dad called me up I realized it meant a lot to be a dad.

When he said that I went deep into thought this time..
Father's Day ?? When was it anyway ?? I would have spoken to dad normally as I always do; a coupla times a day. But nothing special. Sad ! I should have done soemthing. Would my dad have remembered it ?? Naah he wouldn't have. Well, I did send him an ecard I made for his bde last. It was also his 50th bde. I was the first to wish him. Sure it would have been nice had I wished him a happy Father's Day. But I'm sure he hadn't noticed it. I don't have to feel bad about forgettting it.

And then... well the story is not over yet... then he goes on...
Should tell you, my sis had called up dad sometime back that day and it was because of her he came to know that it was Father's Day. Obba dad wouldn't have cared otherwise.

I laughed out a loud as soon as i heard that... i guess younger sisters do this all the time, esp with daddy. I remember to have done something like that to my sis. :P


  1. Anyone and anybody who reads a daily knows when is father's, mother's or son's or daughter's day...phew hate these hallmark marked days.... i hereby declare hate day on whenever day hallmark came into being....

  2. @amrit

    anyone n anybody who lives in IITM kinda doesnt kno whats going on ion the outside world :P