Monday, July 30, 2007

The 30th of July - 7.30 in the morn

Today is the 30th of July irrespective of what my blog says. And I'm back and I have my first class in less than an hour away. I still have enough time to blog and grab a bit before my class.
Anyway my hols (that 1 week) were decently okay. Sadly, I didn't meet my friends due to the lack of time. I spoke to few. Wish I could stay longer but then I wanted to come back hours after I landed there. My body has adjusting-to-weather problems, everywhere.

And just before I left for hols I thought I would drop in an article for the Vizag edition of EducationPlus, and The Hindu was nice enough to print it. Here's the article. But if you read my blog often enough to read this post you wouldn't find the article interesting.

I can't find a title for this post so I'm jus gonna put the date :)

Please wish me luck. I'll need loads of it this sem :(


  1. May you have loads of luck this sem. Best wishes.

  2. Nice article in The Hindu.

    Are you some guest writer for them??? ;)