Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, BINGO stands for Business Incubation of Global Organisation. from the National University of Singapore.
They have these international trips and they had come to IIT Madras on the 16th of July to interact with the C-Tides and ASES-India, e-cell of IIT-M.

And so they came. In brief:
We socialised and got to know each other's names over lunch. Then we moved on to a conference hall where we had an interactive talk by Asst Prof Ashwin Mahalingam. The NUS delegation went on to give presentation abt BINGO, NUS and Singapore in general, followed by Amit's presentation from our side. A little tea break and then we went around the campus for a tour.

Social and friendly, they got me talking and we got along well. And before I knew it, it was time to leave. Too short a while to make life long friendship. But the visit was long enough to learn a little more about the world, experience a little more life.

People I met:
A variety and unity. There were different people from different backgrounds. With all their profiles up on their blog, I'm waiting to read about their take on India. To mention a few:
*A Singaporean with Chinese origins, Yeow Hwee (who had this huge camera, must be a real good photographer);
*An Indonesian with Chinese origins, Isenlim (who also blogs, and is going to Leeds for some project on green construction, I think, Isenlim correct me if I'm wrong);
*A German, Juri Michael (who finished his program in NUS but still joined to visit India);
*A complete Singaporean, Kai Juan (who wanted to know if i wud come to NUS, and wanted my interview and I feel bad about not giving it, Kai, I'm sorry, but time passes away quickly with you [:)] ).
And no dearth of Indians here either.
There were Singaporeans with Indian Origins like
*Ganga (who wanted to take artistic shots, and settled with getting them from Yeow Hwee [:)] )
*and Chitra (who totally sympathised with me about the life of an IITian girl [:P] ).
There were Indians who went to Singapore for their graduation like
*Anoj (who is scared to death by a girl's proximity just as his profile describes him, no offense [:)] ),
*Dipti (from Mumbai whom I kept confusing with Ganga, I'm so sorry I met too many people for one day)
*and Saurav (from Delhi to whom I introduced myself twice and to my embarrassment been remind by him the second time [:|] ).
There were students from all fields and people who just passed out and started their own companies. And many more.

A couple of things they learnt:
The ratio of girls to boys in IIT.
The conservative society of India.
And a lot about entrepreneurship which prof talked about.
Aaand that Amit bluffs, and he bluffs well.

A couple of things I learnt:
They have 50% girls in many of their courses.
Guys and girls stay on alternative levels in the same hostel.
And that everyone spoke a lot about entrepreneurship which I could have learnt.
Aaand that Amit is silly enough to bluff his guests.

The statement worth blogging I heard in all day :
"IITian girls are more friendly than the IITian guys" - coming from the girls

As they left:
I received an NUS collar pin from Teh Tian Yan as an advanced (or belated as Isenlim says) birthday gift, and a birthday song from them all.
Then all asked Anoj to give his to Bala (from the ASES team) but like I mentioned earlier he broke into a sweat; Ganga to the rescue and Bala had her collar pin on :) .

Well, I'll keep checking their gallery and my Inbox for the pics from their tour (esp Yeow Hwee's). And feed the updates.

Btw, Mayank (from the ASES team) shares his birthday with mine. But then, I m a girl :), and more importantly, I m a KID!

PS: If anyone from the NUS BINGO team is reading, I only mentioned those names whose visiting cards I had. I didn't want to take the risk of misspelling your names.


  1. Hmmmm. Enlightening?

  2. @czar
    En'light'ening.. with all my bulbing... :D

  3. For a minute there, i thought u were a stud to rem'ber all those names and the wat they are spelt! tht is to say till i read the PS!

    YO! IITian gals rule! :D

  4. @leela
    I am a stud.. I shud jus remove the PS... :P
    n yo, we rock...

  5. nice nice:)was wonderufl meeting you ...

  6. hey...great to see you writing...we at nus bingo are happy to ourselves discussed on blog...btw we do have a grp called NUS BINGO on facebook...its similar to your version of orkut..do join that...and ask your frnds too...its a good medium to interact with fellow bingo members from Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and very soon from Dec '07 onwards Middle East..

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