Sunday, July 15, 2007

"I am 19"

Yeah, I'm still 19. I will be 20 in a few days.
I found this file on my comp today named "I am 19". I opened it to read and realised it was a blog post that I apparently wanted to publish. I couldn't recollect if I did post it. I searched my blog to find out it went unread.
I thought it should be read, especially since I was talking about growing up and I sounded like a kid. Come to think of it, prolly on the 2nd bde of my blog I might just think it's too silly and kill it !!!
No I wont... I wont I wont I wont.. ( effect = tantrum )

So here's the blog post that never was:

Last modified on: Tuesday, August 15, 2006, 2:30:41 PM

I am 19….

Hmmm… I jus made a statement today… that I am grown up… “I am 19… almost done with my teenage…”

It made me wonder.. did I really grow up…?? I am still a kid… I dunno how to take care of myself… I dunno wat to eat n wat not… wen to sleep… wen to wake up… I dunno so much… n I call myself grown up…?? Nope… definitely not….

But then… may be I am grown up… a vision of myself wen I entered IIT passes thru my mind… the na├»ve little girl I was… yeah… a lot of things changed for me as I turned 18… and I learnt so much now that I am 19… I remember me having a b’day blast last year wen I turned 18… never had a party for 10 yrs… it was celebration of a lifetime… all those who mattered to me were there… and then I left for the prestigious IIT…
Well… I grew up… atleast considering the little girl who stepped into this campus a year ago… IIT has taught me so much… it may sound funny… but it taught me to take care of myself and little things like this… things I depended on my mom for… mundane things… things I took for granted… I aint talking abt those decisions and managing things n all… that n all my school’s taught me enough… but things so small which I took too much for granted have crushed down upon me here….

Yeah… one year in IIT has changed… for the better or the worse… I think I grew up… atleast to make a statement…. :)

NOTE : I haven't changed a single word now.


  1. Would like to read "I am 20" very soon......
    You sure sound so very diff from "19".

  2. Happy growing up!

  3. @aditya
    post will be up in 4 or 5 days :)

    I don't want to grow up !!!
    I wont I wont I wont

  4. damn! no gun here.