Monday, July 30, 2007

There's a Song I m Listening...

no name for the game i guess.. the title is jus some vague song i like

Ah.. Another tag... This time the fairy's been tagged by Sahithi Ramam

And here goes:

1. which song is being played in ur mind rite NOW!
"Sweet Child of Mine" - GNR
no clue why... been singing it all day...

2. one song that describes ur life.... (no self made compositions please!)
Christina Aguilera - "Beautiful"
Colin Hay - "Overkill"
Matchbox20 - "Unwell"
Ateens (ABBA)- "Mamma mia"
Evanescence - "My Immortal"
JLo - "Jenny from the block"
Meredith Brooks - "Bitch"
Geri Haliwell - "It's Raining Men"
Dido - "Sand In My Shoes"
Limpbizkit - "Behind Blue Eyes" (except its hazel instead of blue)
Marlyn Manson - "Beautiful People"
Marlyn Manson - "Sweet Dreams"

Huh.. I better stop here... Anyway there are million others and if you piece all of them togther you'll get an idea about my life...

3. the song u listen to most on ur i-pod/ MP3/ cell/ PC/ etc
Millions again.. I like a song n it goes on n on for a hundered times till i can sing it well enuf not to need my iPod... n then i switch to a new song..

4. a song that describes best the foll stages in ur life:
eh ? refer to 2

5. your all time favorite song, nd the reason for it... mebbe some memory/ some funny story/etc!!!
"arere arere" from dil tho pagal hain
no clue why.. i sing it when i m happy.. i never even knew i knew the song...

6. a song u wish u hadn't heard!!! (more than one is always a pleasure!!!)
I forget what i dont like... but picking up from sahithi.. all nasal numbers of Himesh Reshammiya..

7. a song that would best describe..... me
(hey, i took pains to tag u, i guess i deserve this ;-) )
"so gaye hai...kho gaye hai..." - Zubeida
not really.. Im jus tryin to be nice to you :P

8. (i jus cudn't miss this!!!) If, u were in an elevator with Himesh Reshammiya and Altaf Raja, you would..........
(plz plz plz..... something funny!!!)

Funny!! you want funny!! I m stuck in an ELEVATOR... forget about Himesh and Altaf.. I'd scream n panic. They'll prolly think I m a maniac n wont try to even breath next to me.

Ah.. I m done...
no.. wait.. tagging...
hmmm everyone on the list...
Amrit, czar, leela
Aniket, Ashutosh, Nimit, Aditya, charizma, candyman, hseeniv