Friday, July 20, 2007

VCon with Williams

Amrutash: bday gift for you
me: eh ?
Amrutash: go meet suneeta williams
me: the Suneeta WIlliams ??
Amrutash: !
me: what ??
Amrutash: yeah

It was a DVC with Sunita Williams who was in Houston. And interacted with major cities in India arranged for in the American Embassy.
I was excited when Amrutash first told me about it. But then, it turned out to be a bit silly for us.
Considering we were surrounded by school kids.
Considering the vcon kept cupping (connected with 256kbps)
Considering ppl asked here some vague stuff like if the universe was really full of the sounds of "Om"
Considering there was a quiz at the end of the vcon

But it was nice
Considering I got to see the American Embassy
Considering I had 3 free packed juices
Considering I checked out the funny loo in the Embassy
Considering they did ask things I dint know of like how the spine elongates in zero gravity when your body weight doesnt rest on it.

All in all, it was a nice evening, to and fro in CB's car and spent some light moments in the Embassy. I couldn't have been doing anything better anyway.


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  2. whoa! how did u guys manage tht? or should i ask was she so jobless?!

  3. @leela
    I guess she wanted to 'share her experiences' or something to that effect is wat she said... :)