Monday, July 02, 2007


Out of the few movies I usually see, I watched this really beautiful movie.

Its fascinating. The story. The screenplay. The direction. The movie as a whole.
Its gripping, right from the start. Realistic and every scene in the movie is so apt.

There are a few mistakes in the IMDB site...
But basically the movie is about a little girl Churyia (played by Sarala) who becomes a widow without even understanding she is married and is sent to an ashram for widows in Benaras.

Deepta Mehta's direction coupled with Rehman's music makes the movie worth watching...


  1. Gotta watch it!
    You are lucky that you find the right movies to watch. :)

  2. @czar
    :) on the contrary.. it's difficult to find a movie that I can watch... I'm jus too impatient to sit for more than an 1hr continuously...

  3. @Owner of the Blog

    Need Help??

  4. @puppet
    sure sir... gimme a catalogue that i can watch...

  5. See without good company you cannot even enjoy the best of the movies.....thats what my point was...:-) saw the one who flew over the cuckoo's nest and no man's land in the recent past...try 'em they are worth a shot.