Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Continental Connection

I found this funny...

It just sounded funny...

It reminded me of yesterday when I was watching Chak de India.. and there's this scene where the mizoram n manipuri girls are treated as guests at the registration and she asks how anyone would feel being treated a guest in your homeland....


  1. ok. this is it... I've read the link and the post 4 times and still don't find a connection.

    I must be blind, but do help me. Why is that article funny?

  2. @shady

    Mizoram and manipur are in India...

    The article title has "Asia-Chennai" .. Chennai is in Asia..

    It isnt funny in the humours sense.. i jus found it funny... sarcastically... or watever...

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  4. @TF
    Oh yeah! got it. Thanks.

  5. Interesting to know.