Sunday, August 26, 2007


I've jus been bit by an albino mosquito. What does that mean ?
I hate hate hate that really huge spider like those in scary movies that i struggled to send out of my room yesterday.

There are three kittens in sharav.
2 black with brown streaks and one which is greyish white that i call misty.
Misty is hostile. Dunno why. Don care also. mean kitty.

but i love the really cute blackish one that comes to me and most times is fascinated by my skirt.

And the other blackish one is jus indifferent to us. Dont like it much either. We think it has a prob with its eye.


  1. i bet the 3rd one is a male... lucky dude, living in the girls hostel and winking at whoever he meets!!!

  2. LOL about the spider. You scare others around also with your crazy reflex actions on seeing a spider. Hostile.. mean.. Sure you aren't talking about someone else?

  3. Cute kittens!!!

    We have numerous dogs(irritating stray dogs) strolling around our hostel. If you want more pets, you know whom to contact :P

  4. @leela
    you aren't my kitten.. you know wat you are... do u want me to specify on a public forum ??

    we have dogs too.. in front of our hostel.. they follow us when we go on late night walks.. yeah irritating too..

  5. 2 of those kittens came from Godav... They stayed here for a couple of days and then some weirdos decided to name them 0 & 1(they had a funda for it :O) that's probably why they left and went to the saner junta of the insti

  6. i thought they were born here...
    now they are no longer here.. dunno where they are.. may be they came to godav then.. dunno...
    0 & 1 :)