Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Play under the Umbrella

A stud, with attitude and an image built over the years.
A pseude puts blogger, with a pseuder blog.
Ever ready to offer kids chocolates, and gals cofee.

A devil in disguise, with a weird blog.
Known to bang a lot.

Ah! Well! The best among the lot I must say, witha blog that rocks.
I'll run outta adjectives describing this creature, a true case of intelligence incarnated in beauty.
Hehehe, sliiii too much wonly...

A close friend and classmate of the Devil.

A close friend and classmate of the Crazygal



The Me writes blogs a lot and replies to all his comments. Happy and peaceful.
Enter Devil
The Devil introduces herself to the Me through comments and they add each other on gtalk. And through many conversations, the Me concludes that the Devil is a 11th class student in Chennai. The Devil gives in more data about the school and her life and our the Me here invites her to visit the beautiful campus of IIT Madras.
Enter Crazygal
The Crazygal has been friends with the Me over work and blogs. And so is she friends with the Devil, again over work and blogs.

Enter present story
The first day of college and classes got cancelled. The Crazygal and the Crasher were bored when they run into the Devil and the Imp. So the Crazygal asks the Devil about the few mutual friends they have and conversation turns to the Me. All are excited and decide its the right opportunity to meet the Me. He should be excited to meet the Devil too, he's never met her. So they all leave for Gurunath and Crazygal calls the Me over too.


The Play

curtains up

(Set at Gurunath. All five, the Me,the Devil, the Imp, the Crazygal, the Crasher, are sitting under a nescafe umbrella. Some sipping coffe. Some gen sitting.)

Me : It's a monday right. You don have school today?
Devil : Naah.. they declared holiday.
Me : Why ?
Devil : I dunno... some bank thingy I guess. So i came over and msged Crazygal here.
Me : you said u have a cousin in IIT, crazygal ?
Devil : no no... someone else...
Crazygal : I know her through blogs yaar.. she comments.. i comment...
Me : Cool.. it's a nice surprise...
Devil : yeah :)

.... Well... it goes on for a while through which the Crasher here feels crashy and keeps stiffening a laugh or two once in a while.....
.... the Devil has managed to extract a dairy milk out of the Me.....
.... the Crazygal keeps nudging the Me about another girl (junior at IITM) whom she put fundaes in photoshop and how that girl needs more fundaes and need the Me's help....
.... the Crasher is crashy....
.... the Imp is giggly....
.... the Me is happy at his guesses about the Devil's background....
.... the Devil has a smile....
.... the Crazygal has her smile too....

Crazygal : Put fundaes to that girl naa... I dunno wat she asked.. some vague stuff in pshop... you shud know...
Me : Sure sure... tell her 500rs per hour...
Crazygal : Cmon.. she reads your blog...
Me : Ok make that 400...
Crazygal : hey.. wat if she even comments...
Devil : keep asking.. he'll slowly reduce...
Me : wait a min... she comments ?? who is she..??
Crazygal (with a grin) : She comments a lot...
Me : eh ?? who da ??

(Now Me looks are sheepish and confused)

Me to Devil : Are you that gal ??
Devil (with a grin) : but I'm in 11th remember ??
Crazygal (laughing) : Cmon
Me (totaly confused) : What ??

Me looks at Crazygal and Devil...

Me to Devil : Is she that girl (pointing to Devil) ??!!

The Crazygal nods and bursts into laughter.
And so do the Devil, the Imp and the Crasher.

The Me is just stunned! Me is speechless! Me is shaking his head!

The Devil is delighted to make a fool of the Me.
The Crasher is glad she didnt laugh out aloud int he middle.
The Imp cant belive we pulled off an act for an entire one hour.
The Crazygal is just having fun, directing the play.

curtains down

PS: the script was made on the way to Gurunath from Sharav. The climax was discussed over smses between Devil and Crazygal


  1. Correction: The Devil has a studd blog overflowing with excellence in every line.

    Good thing you immortalised the post. The Devil doth speak:
    Tell Twilight Fairy that I shall put it up as a link ASAP.

    As far as the play is concerned, superb acting on my part na?

  2. tooo long da... no enthu to read :P

  3. This was carried on for an hour?
    Acting and the impromptu script's gotta b great...

  4. @Leela

    Superb acting indeed it was. But it still was mean. :)


    Direct Sharav's play next. I am sure you have the talent.

    And as far as Narmad's play is concerned, you already know the name: "Nightout at Lokhandwaala" :P

  5. @leela
    immortal it is... good acting, come for the auditions...

    READ...! Else i'll complain


    @MM with net
    Thank you
    you've got a nice blog thr.

    I definitely intend to do that... n yeah waiting for the nar'madness'...

  6. Quite hilarious tho' I must admit I was a gr8 deal confused.

    'Twas a giveaway -- the comments.

  7. I beg ur parden to contradicting U....
    LIFE-it is not happens to happen, Behind ur life there is a plan of GOD. First u have to know about that. That gives U ABUNDANT
    life.Think about it for 10 times.
    Decision is upto U.

  8. @aditya
    I din wanna give names coz i din wanna offend anyone. If they choose to reveal themselves in the comments section.. most welcome.. :)

    Sure there is a plan. But for me it looks like it happens to happen.

  9. sure thing! a mean role hopefully??

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. @amrit
    sure was mean and it felt good.

  12. @Leela

    How is the rose doing sweetheart?

  13. @leela
    obba i'll give u the meanest role...

    she dumped it.. wat else do u expect from the devil...

  14. @amrit
    It is all wilted and dying just like you will be when i get through with you. evil smile

    @twilight fairy
    Yay!! I'm game then.

  15. @amrit
    It is dead. Period.