Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog for all it's worth

Weird feeling!
I have neither blogged nor commented on other blogs for a very long time. I have technically disappeared off the face of the blogging community. So today I was checking out stuff on my Google Reader and I realised how much I missed it. So I decided to blog again.

But on what? I feel so disconnected I don't even have anything to blog about. So here's just a blog for the sake of blogging. A blog for all it's worth.

Yes, a crazy life I do lead. Craving for time all the time and then ultimately when I want to blog I don't find anything to say. What am I doing ? Am I wasting my time on worthless things that I can't even blog about ?
Take a stand and look around. Achievements I haven't gotten any to speak of. Time I haven't gotten any to spend with people I want to. Love I can't those who love me. Hate I could never do. Run that is all I do. I run. Away. Away from everything that means to me. How do I do that? Simply by doing something else. Avoiding. Doing something else that doesn't matter to me.

I avoid doing what really means to me. And I end up doing things that don't really matter to me. No wonder there is nothing worth blogging in my life.
Hopefully, all the things I do really mean something to someone else and I make my impact. At least the existence will be satisfied.

[ playing in the back of my head is Dido's 'thank you' (except without the only happy part like thank you) ]

The blog has lost it's meaning though.

Is it time to light it's funeral pyre ??


  1. No way! It's as eternal as your craziness. ;)

  2. you're lost little girl

  3. Change doesnt happen you need to make it happen

  4. I would miss your blog if you stopped writing.

  5. @leela
    aaaah.. dont u see this itself is one of my many crazy ideas....


    lets make it happen

    so u do read my blog :)

  6. We always have something to say... Time Permitting!!!