Thursday, September 27, 2007

Coffee in the Rain!

It was a hot afternoon. The sun was scorthing. I needed to get some work done so I began walking and reached my destination at 3. Work in progress.
I just happened to look up the sky. It was beautiful. The sun was shining to one side and the other opposite horizon marked a beautiful blue of clouds. Those that bring in the rain and shower upon us the blessings.
'I think it's gonna rain' I remarked.
'Yeah, it might. Do you need an umbrella?', he asked.
'Naah, I'll jus walk back to hostel in a jiffy. You might need it.'
'It's ok. Departmently only na'

Soon time was near and we had to leave to hostel/dept.
'Wait! We'll grab a coffee.'
'Make it quick'
I ran and got us a cup each and we were off.

No sooner had I handed him the cup it started raining. No, lemme rephrase that. It started pouring down. No, I think it was a hail storm. Yes! Little pieces of ice they were, dropping to the ground with force and melting away in fractions of a second. It was accompanied by wind whoosing everywhere. We had to cover our coffee and sip it.
The heat kept us warm and we walked as fast as we could against the wind. When I finished my cup and needn't worry about my coffee anymore I realised how drenched I was and I began to laugh. I couldn't remember the last time I got so drenched in rain.
When I was alone on my way to hostel, I looked around and found no one. I sang and danced my way back. At one point I had to hold on to something till the wind rested a little, at the fear off being blown off! It was so freaking cold. So much fun. Finally, I went back to hostel to my core and stood outside her door totally dripping. And she was totally tripping. I just couldn't stop laughing at myself.

Yeah! Dancing in the rain is fun!
Wait a min, sipping coffee in the rain is fun too!!!


  1. The finer NUANCES of life!!! [;)]

    I'd prefer soaking in a light shower to getting drenched in a hailstorm any day.

  2. @aditya

    try it.. its fun! but make sure you have coffee.. otherwise it gets too cold...

  3. long since i did either of those...
    the cellphone jus doesnt let me :(
    n yes...
    Finer nuances of life, no doubt... I'd prefer a tea though