Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Use IE You Dope !!!

Yeah.. This is the message that you get when you try to access mozilla firefox in the comps at the office of Taramani Guest House.

A message pops up with the title of the post as the title and the content is "I dont hate firefox but i like ie"

I hope all those who keep exclaiming "You still use IE!" read this. :)


  1. IE=Inefficiency Elaborated

    PhirePhox is shutdd.

  2. wari@Amrit

    We have casteism, racism and all the negative isms all because of people like you.

    I think you have got the message.


  3. same thing in my dcf comp... the message says : I DONT HATE MOZILLA BUT USE IE OR ELSE..."

  4. No wonder viruses like IE. :D

    P.S. In case you are interested, this might help. http://digitalfort.net/?p=3

  5. You still use IE?

  6. I experienced this on my father's laptop. It was terribly annoying. :|

  7. @amrit
    oh shut up! your mozilla has a virus!!

    i agree with you :)

    i think its wat u said.. i memory fails me...

    plz refer to amrit.. his firefor has virus :P

    yes i do :)

    hehehe.. not so annoying if u use ie :P