Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Craze for the Crane

When I was searching for some pics I ran into something and realised that I never blogged about a particular obsession I had and seems that I still do; even though it's not a new craze anymore.

This was my craze

I knew a friend who could make it. She said she would teach me but she backed out. But I really loved it. So I opened up the paper crane and I learnt it myself. Then it became a craze. I would make them, many of them. I would make more and more; they were never enough.

Then it was the size. I wanted to make it smaller and smaller. So small that it was just the size of my thumb..
Hey I found this pic. This guy must be a stud.

Oh yes ! Kept it to the last. The pic that got me thinking why I never blogged about it.

wonderful pics I say...
And I love searching for images....

my new craze : butterfly... chall blog about it soon enough

PS: the last two pics courtesy : timeo


  1. Guess how many of these (I would still like to call them swans) are there with me? :)

  2. beautiful....reminds me of a story i read as a kid....a true incident if m not mistaken...always fascinated me

  3. hey can u teach me how to make thm ?