Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LM Solo

As I write this.. I dunno the results... I havent heard them all.. But felt like blogging about it... May be instead of blogging here, I should be there listening to them...

People come up and sing and you listen and feel at home... and then there are certain people who sing... who make ur stay worthwhile.. who make you feel good for having the sense of hearing.. who make you feel proud to be able to appreciate music... appreciate vocalist skills... and all in all to appreciate the fun of sitting in the audience :)

Yes.. I enoyed whatever little I heard in LM Solo this lit soc.. Makes me feel I am surrounded by talented people..

(even though it also gives me an inferiority complex... I used to think I cud sing... I still think I can, except its not worth listening to...)


  1. u do sing well...
    of course not as good as the winners, hats off to them, but u do

  2. @ashtung
    Ah ! thank you... but of course I wasnt participating :)

  3. hmmmm... well u missed the BEST PERFORMANCES of the evening... and ya u also sing well (I heard u singing a Hindi Song)...wasnt bad :P