Friday, October 12, 2007

The Shaastra Hangover

Shaastra began..
It was the best I've ever known. Or is it just because I was involved enough to know it ?

The SOE's worked... we lost count of the hits on the site.. the site itself is down... the no of people pouring in.. at hostels n at shaatra.. all outta track...
It bigger than we thought. A brilliant success. I think we can call it that.

And about me.
I've worked with a team which is full of fun n laughter. 8 people out of which I barely knew 2 and the rest were strangers. And at the end of it, its just 9 people laughing our heads off and trying to get some work done in between. We had faced an auditor who totally blew expectations out of proportion (even though I m lucky enough not to get audited). We managed through it and hence we get to keep the certification. YIPEE! And through all the fun work did get done.

There is cutie for you [ jussu missing ]

And Shaastra is over.
So are those late work n fun nights at dean's office, those sleepy days in ICSR audi, those menlo park moments, those grub stall chatters and hunting for coupons, those walks around campus and arbit hours at minar, a coupla vague meetings in ccd, those high times when everyone is just sleepy but doesnt want to leave, those moments when you just hang around for the heck of it coz you know its a lonely room back in the hostel.
Now it's all over. I miss it but quizzes are here. It's a busy life to miss anything. You were there, now you are here and life goes on. But whenever I walk past ICSR and I see the (supposedly) 10ft Shaastra Logo, memories rush in.

To Shaastra 2007, the best time in a long time.


  1. (God + Cupper) U R !!!

    Cutie rocks and i miss it !

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  3. u said all i wanted to....
    n perhaps everyone else :)
    I too miss icsr n i too used to hang out cos room was lonely n stayed awake cos i jus didnt want to sleep n cos i knew it's only 4 days

  4. Anand (T)5:00 pm

    oye.. awesome post..we shall meet after our quiz commitments are done :)

  5. Glad to be a teeny tiny part of it all. Cheers.
    PS: SOEs not SOE's :D