Friday, November 23, 2007

Comment Plz

Yes... please do comment after reading this post...
Why would I want you to do that ?
Because that's why we have a blog, to see comments... to feel good that people do read your non sense and actually have something to say about it.
You wait for comments, you ask for comments, you reply to comments and they the essential life behind the blog itself.

I have seen blogs that have posts and posts and no comments and finally it goes down and has no more posts.
A once upon time boring rather dull blog is revived once comments start pouring in.
It's the activity.

In real life too...
Would you be alone? or would you rather live when you know your existence matters to someone, even if its just in a small way ( positive or negative :P ) ?
You might retort immediately by saying I'd rather be alone.
Yes, I began a blog once thinking that no one should know it's me. Infact that's what my about me says.
Now when I read my about me it's LOL max.
Infact, I m 'crazygal' now, and no longer 'twilight fairy'.. It had sentimental attachments which make me feel sorry now that I no longer connect to the feelings and emotions.

[Oh btw, I fought with another Twilight Fairy who asked me to change my blogger name. Vague.]

Yes, I need attention now. And so does everyone else whether one agrees or not.

Talktome: i envy u
Crazygal: why ?
Talktome: u got cmnts
no mater wat u write
i bet even if u put a blank blog
junta will cmnt
Crazygal: eh ?
no way
Talktome: ur smiley got cmnts
Crazygal: oh yeah
my smiley got comments
ok lets try this out
i put a blank
n see what happens
lets see
Talktome: :)
i realised somethin
everybody loves cmnts
Talktome: yes ?
of course
thats why u blog
Talktome: no maatter how many he/she gets
Crazygal: not enuf


And that's how my blog post "blank" came into being... Bad experiment though.. only 3 ppl bothered to comment... :( ... err.. may be i shud have waited sli bit more....


  1. comment... hmm... commented :P

    well jokes apart waiting for the much awaited post bole to _ _ _ th one :D

  2. read
    "the catcher in the rye or catch 22"