Monday, November 19, 2007

How lame can one get ??

Status msg :
Incase of utmost boredom and urge to get bugged and pained, ping me and hear me crib about the avalache of exmas that are ahead which I believe are trivial in your case.. Incase of just utmost boredom read this :


Muahaha: thats a lame status message btw :)
Crazygal: thanks for the comment
Muahaha: you dont think so?
Crazygal: i jus put what i was thinking
Muahaha: thats ok
but dont u think its lame?
Crazygal: nope
Muahaha: :)
Crazygal: i m not as witty as you are am i ??
Muahaha: things can be non-witty and non-lame
like serious things
smart things
okay things
but your status message is just lame
Crazygal: neither am i serious nor am i smart
i m jus a pained soul

Muahaha: not talking about you
i am talking about your status message
Crazygal: more like myself aint it ??
Muahaha: it it had been i wouldnt have commented on it
you are capable of better status messages
than this 'lame' one
Crazygal: how does it matter if i m good enough.. i jus cant come up with better stat msg
Muahaha: you have, in d past
Crazygal: live in the present
Muahaha: lol
Crazygal: past had beautiful things
it had fateful stuff too

Muahaha: present is lame?
Crazygal: yeah


  1. shanoo4:32 am

    Hey I liked that status.. its not lame.. chill.. infact I think its good enuf. :-)

  2. @shanoo did crazygal

    ( @muahaha : now wat say ?? :D )

  3. comments.... but "magical sparks"......interesting!!!

  4. @puppet
    I m losing my identity.. being none as the crazygal.. I m the TWILIGHT FAIRY..
    so I thought I shud add some magic.. with a twilight header and a sunflower and of course the sparks for you to contribute...