Monday, November 12, 2007

The Man who Stared !!

It was the stare. The long and steady stare. The fearless challenging stare. It's just the stare. It defines him. I was looking at him. And looking at those he was staring at. They had to summon a lot of courage to talk simple words to him. They seemed to be scared of him. Seemed to look up to him in awe.
No, the stare was not cruel. Neither was it arrogant. It wasn't menacing. It was far from anything that's remotely scary. It was truthful.
Ah! But I was a little girl then. Little did I know that truth was what men feared most. That truthful stare of righteousness mirrors a man who can do no wrong, and who will accept with humility if he ever does. There they were men who have been always polite, who assume roles of kind duties. There they were, struggling to summon courage. No, they had not made a mistake. No, they did not cheat. No, they had nothing to fear. But still they did. They feared that stare.

I remember that day in detailed memory,of the man who stared.
Aand so it goes, that to this day when he stares that truthful righteous stare, men shall lose their tongue over and over again.


  1. Little did I know that truth was what men feared most.


  2. @puppet
    and I love that man !