Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So they all say...

They said you can do it.
They said it doesn't matter
They said few years from now that is the last thing you'll think about
They said once you get it all the matters is that you are in
They said now one will question

But then I was questioned
They said it will last only for a month at max
They said it wouldn't matter after that
They said it's all worth it
They said it
They said it over and over again

And then what happened ?

My first interview
First question : What's your JEE rank ?
Second question : 1st attempt or 2nd attempt ?


  1. Neelabh4:25 pm

    What happened after?

  2. @neelabh
    well.. the rest of my interview was pathetic and i got bumped... I m still intern-less...

  3. It matters if it matters to you.

  4. No offense, but it must have been trippy.. :)

    I guess it is necessary to learn to answer that question to your advantage.

    Well written! :)

  5. @puppet
    I wish it dint matter to me.. but then I m human after all

    yes.. and I also feel its a good thing that I faced a bad interview as my first.. lotsa scope for improvement.. I ve got the time too

  6. Just this one right... As someone said learn to use it to your advantage!!!

    As someone who was intern-less till the last possible moment, I can say that things will happen and you don't need to worry at all. I got absolutely the best possible intern for myself by just some quirk of fate -- while I was sulking all year round!!!

    All the best intern-hunting [;)] You'll land a good, nay, gr8 intern soon.

  7. @aditya
    will keep you posted about my other interviews as well :)