Friday, November 16, 2007

Sometimes jus Smile

Walking out of my hostel I pulled my jacket closer. It was freezing. Unbelievable that Chennai can be so cold. People were lingering outside hostel and there was a lot of lively chatter. I had come out for a hot cup of coffee. Walked into the food court and ordered for a cup. On second thought I made that two; one cup has never been enough.
Sitting down by myself, I looked around and noticed that there was no familiar face. Weird! I usually run into a lot of people. But then the lively chatter is always familiar. I have always loved the sound of people around me.
The food court was much warmer than the open air and the coffee was very hot. Soon enough I felt hot in my jacket, but didn’t take it off. Finished my coffee in utter quietness and walked out.
As soon as I went out into the open, the freezing air hit my face and it felt cold. The little sweat on my forehead felt colder. I stood there for a second, took off my jacket and let myself feel the chill. Looking around I found the area completely deserted. There was not a single soul in sight. The sounds of the food court could not be heard. There was complete silence. Nothing but the chill air spoke. It seemed like a scene from a movie, where everyone has evacuated and I m the only one left or landed up in the wrong place.
I kept walking, freezing, but I somehow loved it. I had always hated cold. But today it seemed different. It was like telling me something, to start, to begin. I felt like I was transported to a different world and that I could start afresh something new. I don’t know what it meant but it comforted me.
For the first time in my life, I was so cold to the bone and I was still smiling.


  1. And when you can't smile, laugh. :D

  2. pls pls pls
    dont insult cold by sayin 'cold to the bone' in this weather...
    it is cool here, with a nip in the air maybe, not cold...

  3. @amrit

    yes it was

    IT IS COLD !

  4. Anonymous10:02 am

    Undie max!!

  5. @anon
    LOL ! TNR for u to comment.. thats whats undie max !!!