Saturday, November 10, 2007

THE trip

We had an industrial trip to Greaves Cotton (15mins from main gate) today. Nice place. Small but I liked it.

the eve:
My room was stuffed. Apart from the fact that the 8x10 ft room is small enough, I had sirisha in with her huge bean bag and roomie in on my football bag. I was on the bed, or rather one half of the bed. I love it when it's stuffed. Dunno when I crashed.

the day :
Next I know it was 8 15 when I woke up. I was startled. Shook sirisha up. We had to be at gurunath by 8 30. Sli... Landed there at 8 45. The bus started a little past 9. And we got lost ! :)

the trip:

Finally we reached. And we saw. And we learnt. And we got tired. And we came back. And I crashed and crashed.

The biggest thing I learnt today : I can't stay in the industry for two continous hours forget about working there and I call myself a 'mechanical engineer'-to-be.
Other stuff I learnt : saw parts on I C engines, saw the CNC machines, awesome coolants, blah blah blah. everything was just stud.

At the end of it, 'Nice Experience'!

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