Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The !3th Floor

While I was in Bangalore, I caught up with an old friend from home. We haven't seen each other for about two and a half years and it was nice to catch up on everything (even though we are in constant touch through gtalk :) )

This was his first time in Bangalore and though not my first I didn't know much either. We decided to go to M G Road and Brigade Road. Took an auto from Forum and landed up in Garuda Mall. Went up and down Garuda Mall till we got bored. So I was like what are we going to do now. Since it was lunch time and he was hungry he said he'll catch some lunch.

Where do we grub? The 13th floor he says.
I assumed it was the name of restaurant.
So where is it ? He doesn't know but on the 13th floor he says. Overlooking the entire city, its got an amazing view he says.
So it's not the name of a restaurant ? No and he doesn't know the name he says. But he knows its somewhere here he says.
How does he know about it ? His friend showed him the building he says.
So what is the building called ? He doesn't know he says. Except that there is Barista outside the building he says.
OK so how do we look for it ? There were green plates in the middle of that road he says. Like those and points to something on the other side of the road.

So we took up that road and started walking to one side. Kept walking. Kept walking. Walked about half a kilometer. I was like are you sure this is the road ? He isn't he says and calls up his helpline.
Whatever inference from his helpline, we have to turn around. So we turned around, walked back the half a kilometer and walked more for about another one kilometer.
No security guards knew anything about Barista. So we used the helpline again. We found out the name of the building. Barton Centre.
We stopped a guy and asked for Barista and he blinked. For Barton Centre. Oh it's about one and half kilometers on the other side and pointed to the direction we had been coming from.
My friend gave up. What do we do now he says. Lets take an auto I say. We took an auto to Barton Centre and turned up at the building with Barista outside it.

We walked up tot he building read that the 13th floor is Ebony restaurant. So we took an elevator (it was old, it was vague and it seemed ready to stop in between anywhere and get stuck n choke us to death). We landed on the 13th floor and asked for the restaurant. and we finally realised we were there.

Do we have reservation ? NO
Do you want to sit inside or outside ? Outside
But it is sunny ! It's OK.
So we sat on the 13th floor, drooled over the amazing view of the city, watched the skyline with no hills at all, gaped at the eagles that flew by, warmed up by the sunshine directly on us and we ate.

It was all worth it he says. I agree I say. He would have given up the search if not for me he says. I would have if not for him I say.

The address for you to go to: (though it was maajar fun to search for it)
Ebony Restaurant
13th floor, Barton Centre
Brigade Road.


  1. I'll try not to remember the address.

  2. @leela
    heheh i kept the spoiler to the last :D

  3. One of the really good restaurants in Bangalore.

    Oh! did I forget that almost every restaurant in Bangalore is good.. ? :P

  4. this one is simply amazing!! :D

  5. His Phantomness7:11 am

    this blog:

    'slisha' crazy my ass...reaaally crazy

  6. @czar
    hmmm.. eating out is generally not my thing...

    @full of life
    yes it is :)

    @his phantomness