Monday, December 31, 2007

Travelling.. seems like I get too much of it nowadays

Been long since I travelled in an unreserved compartment.
I didn't get tickets to the direct train from Visakhapatnam to Chennai.
So I got up on Sunday morn with some last minute packing left, had lunch and boarded an express from Visakhapatnam to Vijayawada, in the general compartment. One had to use a lot of strength to climb into the compartment in the first place. But I was one among the first so lucky for me I got a seat. It was a three seater seat with 4 women and a kid on it. I was sitting between this girl with her son and another lady. This was the beginning of the journey.

The kid was cute and she was fun to play with. But her mother was tired. This kid didn't help either finally she ended up fizzing Miranda on everyone around.
The lady next to me had been travelling since the night before. She didn't have breakfast so she bought some food. It was very crowded and she ended up spilling some curd all over. And I was sitting right in between.

Soon enough both of them got down at some station and in their place 4 others had come. So we were 6 in a 3 seater. Everyone cribs everyone else is taking too much space. But then everyone is really nice. They want to know where you are going and what you are doing. And they actually take care of me, may be because I am all alone and a girl. You know. And they have no idea what engineering is, but still I am studying in chennai so I am studying something great :)

After 6 hours of journey. I managed to get out. Then I had to wait for 2 hours before my train to Chennai arrived. Waited in the waiting room and ran into some volleyball players from Indore you are doing their MTech in Physical Education.
And finally landed at 7 30 today morn.

All morning I was busy doing stuff, then crashed in the aftee and guess what. This is when I realised the effort of yesterday's travel. My head is pounding, my body is aching, throat hurts, my voice is cold ridden and I still wish to party. But guess what it's 8.30 and I still don't have plans. :)

Happy New Year's eve to you all !!!


  1. Fun wasn't not if it is a regular affair...then it becomes too common...... But you get to see all that is there, out there.

  2. @puppet
    yeah.. some time just for yourself.. and u don give a shit of how ppl judge u :D

  3. ppl judging you gives you the chance of them judging their own judgements

  4. Anonymous1:36 pm

    hey, try changing your blog address to completely insane, nuts and out of my meds or'll go with the blog