Tuesday, January 01, 2008

An Eve

The evening was misty. The table was set over looking a beautiful view. The beach and the road, the crowd and the energy. It was a perfect occasion.

In a red satin blouse and a white A line skirt, the girl looked simple yet lovely. He was in jeans and a formal shirt and he wore her like a jewel on his arm, proud yet humble. And they walked along the shore-line.

Then walked slowly, quitely, without a word, hand in hand. Suddenly she looked at him excitedly and dragged him into the water. He protested but then on second thought folded his jeans and ran after her. And they splashed along for sometime.

It was so beautiful and so magical. When he drew her close and kissed her under the starry sky, the fireworks came to life. In the backgroud people were screaming a happy new year and the crashing of the waves was trying to muffle those screams. the water gentle waved at their feet.



  1. Happy new year. Hope you had a nice time.

  2. u have a very romantic imagination... n its beautifully written...

  3. @amrit
    hope you too had a great time.. recollecting your thoughts and sitting by yourself...

    too cliche isn't it.. guess I m not so lucky...

  4. extension of the world??

  5. @extension of the universe dude

  6. @shady
    not exactly.. i could ahve made it more ideal.. i was trying to stick to reality..

    how i wish ! :)