Sunday, January 13, 2008

I need some TIME !!!

Yeah.. But do I need T.I.M.E ??

I am a CAT aspirant like many people of my age. I want to do an MBA. It does sound good. And I am planning to take CAT 2008. So I assume I need coaching.

Hmmm... I know nothing about CAT except that there are sections for english, math and data analysis. Had seen some paper from a senior friend long long ago. So this is my exposure to the paper :)

Today I write my first any kind of CAT similar test.
And I think why god why ?
It was not bad. But I was franatic for time. So was everyone. But still, I felt like I was chasign a running train tryint to catch it.

Damn it. Let's see what T.I.M.E. can do to me now.


  1. If you need time then TIME is not for you, because it eats away all your free time. TIME of course is not free, but the time which was free is not taken away by TIME.

    Go for it. Its all a gamble anyway.

  2. you have it already.,
    just that you are not aware.

  3. hmmmmm...MBA.... why exactly??

  4. awwwwww.... i want to comment on the post following this as well....

  5. @assman
    it's alwasy nice to see newer ppl on my blog. :) is it really such a gamble ??!! :(

    i wish i did

    not too sure
    I dont want ppl commenting ont hat post, precisely why i disallowed

  6. @Twilight Fairy

    Stating the obvious does not kill my urge or desire.....

  7. I am just telling you it si the very desire that i m avoiding.