Saturday, January 05, 2008

It takes TIME

The chocolate
The fantasy
The quite
The smile
The nonsense
The grass
The mud
The shadowing branch of a weak plant
The starry sky
The street light
The cement placard
The craziness
The music
The song
The night
All questions without answers


  1. The chocolate: came late
    The fantasy: of a date
    The quite: fairy in red
    The smile: that stayed
    The nonsense: went on and on
    The grass: no less a lawn
    The mud: where his fingers danced
    The shadowing branch of a weak plant
    The starry sky: magic bestowed
    The street light: blessed'em both
    The cement placard: was their abode
    The craziness: along the road
    The music: or was it just a dream?
    The song: that made the eyes gleam
    The night: whispered
    All questions answered

  2. I so knew
    you'd write a poem
    I so knew
    you'd play the gnome
    I so knew
    you'd fill the urn
    When no one's looking
    you'd toss it and turn

  3. so does...the will to get up from a warm bed.... n to change the song playin in your head.....

  4. @puppet
    i hope it doesnt.. to read my blog posts and comment with a toast