Monday, January 28, 2008

So I 'Saaranged' !!!

Sometimes in life it is necessary to do the cliched too. Like for example, this, writing a post on Saarang.

The press meet
The inaug
The Pot pourri
The way we lost
The Debate
The way we ran
The Monoacting
The way I performed
The painting
The cartooning
The Hindu
The ET
The 30things I better eat before I die
The list I'd never really care for though
The hairstyling workshop
The one I never attended
The star promotional
The dramatics performance
That filled the audi
The village
The mehndi
The earrings I pained to be bought
The same ones I lost
The food
The rangoli
The scarf
The Lucky Ali
The Karthik
The dancing in the gallery
the head banging in the bowl
The bindaas park
The informals
The lenova stall
The colours
The fun
The people
The crowd
The organising
The flood
The food
The coupons
The organising
The colours
The fun
The people
The crowd
The Saarang
The 2008
The 3rd yr
The best

Yes, the best Saarang ever. And I really feel that to enjoy Saarang you've got to be in your 3rd yr


  1. I am sure you had a wonderful time. And thanks for all the time you could take off from your busy schedule for me.

  2. @amrit
    thanks for the help in monoacting.. and thanks for hanging out with me.. part of why i enjoyed my saarang

  3. Gee man, i guess i missed

  4. Anonymous9:15 am

    the shut
    the up

  5. @puppet
    yes you did...! you missed running into me :)

    the fuck
    the off :D

  6. Missed an opportunity may be ...but wont miss the offer.... Dont be too sure... just keep a look around.... i may actually jump otta the closet and cry out...."Boo!!"

  7. dude does any one know where i can hire a mini van ?
    i needed immediately to take the prizes won in saarang to my home.(highly implausible statement!) I am not kidding !
    Like others i had lots of fun in the past few days and i found many Mel Gibson’s and tom Hank’s in the Dramatics event(unfortunately there is no Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie in the event).for those who missed it ,catch the videos of Oscar winning performances in