Monday, February 25, 2008


I realised some one hour ago that I lost my purse. Some tracing back led me to believe that I must have left it near a certain location out in the open by the road side on Saturday night.

So I ran for it, almost 2 days later, to that certain location where I believe I could have left it.

2 full days had passed. One being a Sunday, another a Monday. But of course, I never expected it to stay, after like at least 300 people who might have passed by it.

Still I ran for it, just to have a look, almost convinced it wouldn't be there.

Yes da, you guessed it right. I found it lying there. Ain't I lucky.


  1. ya ya, U definitely are.

    in the post, y dint U praise all those 300odd men who passed n dint steal it n talk about how there is still honest left among humans n this one incident is gonna change ur life forever n all that., n now Ur gonna dedicate ur life to a good noble cause, changing the world n .......

  2. What surprses me is not that you found the purse.. What surprises me is that it surprises you... Bah!!

  3. 2 puppet:
    nice one lamer.

  4. @MadMan

    Are you making up for the absence of the Fairy's comments... You are doing a pretty bad job... but still its pretty... 2 judgements in a row... Oh Oh Oh I am on fire....

  5. you :X

    first i see to it that U dont miss fairy's presence, n U judge me for the same.,

    U must be so so mean..

  6. @Puppet it was the colour of mud so it was difficult to spot it

    @madman: thanks for making up for my absence