Monday, March 03, 2008

29th Feb page 4

Dawn at Twilight
-Akhila (tadpole tag)

Into the moonlit sky I gazed
Stunned, elated, truly amazed
Drinking in the gurgling brook
The wilderness that surrounded me
That’s when I stumbled upon a key.

Curious, I lifted it
Searched around for a lock to fit
Something, somewhere told me somehow
That the key was no ordinary one
It was the key to bliss, to fun!

I searched for a couple of hours
In the light of moon and stars
But with no luck, whatsoever
Tired, hungry, angry, I swore
And stopped when I bumped into a door.

Reaching for the key I found
Unlocking with a mighty sound
I found myself gaze even more
At what I saw before me now
I just felt happier somehow.

Into the starry sky I stared
Something was wrong, but who cared?
All I knew was my eternal bliss
I thanked the stars for the key
And the happiness it brought to me.

And as I was at the zenith of zeal
A sudden movement I could feel
I turned, a little irritated
To see this unfairly handsome fellow
Who held out his hand and said 'Hello'.

I turned rudely and started to walk
I was in no mood to talk
I did not care what he thought
That’s when he started to sing
And I could feel my mood swing.

'The key to happiness you have found.
All around you is beauty profound
But I must warn you, if I may
The key isn't yours, nor is this place
I hate to tell this to your face.

'There's a price you've got to pay
For every happiness that comes your way
And this 29th of February,
It was a pleasure meeting you
Protect yourself from the mist and dew'.

Dejected Lover
-Kirtika (tadpole tag)

Teary eyes, weary soul and gloomy spirit,
I stand all lonely and in despair;
Whether straight from the heart, or fake be it,
I crave for attention, a little bit of care –

Everyone has good times, they used to say,
When the one you love ,bestows bliss from yonder...
I waited for my own, thinking patience would pay-
Amidst intimate moments, my fantasies would wander.

True love is always reciprocated
Or so I had heard,
My thoughts, my speech – to her were related,
While, she, for me, uttered no word.

In her paradise, me and her, Ah! Her show !
At last, it came, what I so longed forever-
Lost in ecstasy, little did I know,
Four years of misery, the joyful time would follow.

Hard as it was, for me to bear
The truth of my life was clear and bare,
Shattered and disoriented – I have only this to say:
Never love the calendar if you are a leap day.
I broke my heart and the world turned cold-
To second of March, what I deserved, was sold.

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